CodeWeavers is supporting LinuxFest Northwest’s fund raising activities by donating two licensed copies
of CrossOver Linux Professional as prizes in the “World Famous Fund Raiser Raffle”

CodeWeavers’ mission is to transform Mac OS X and Linux into Windows®-compatible operating systems. By doing so, we provide a bridge to help users migrate from the Windows software world to these other environments. We do this primarily by making it possible to use Windows software on Mac OS X and Linux.

CodeWeavers is the leading corporate backer of the Wine Project. Wine is an open source software initiative that is systematically re-implementing the Win32 API under Unix. Wine makes it possible for PCs running Unix-based operating systems (like OS X and Linux) to run Windows application as if natively. We offer a range of Wine-based products offering cross-platform capabilities for both corporate environments as well as individual users.

We also use our expertise in Wine to provide professional services to our customers, porting their applications directly to Linux or Mac OS X.


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