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Zenoss Core is an open source IT monitoring product that delivers the functionality to effectively manage the configuration, health, performance of networks, servers and applications through a single, integrated software package.

  • Single Integrated Product - to monitor your entire IT infrastructure
  • Open Source CMDB - a single repository for your IT assets 
  • Easy To Use Browser-Based GUI - everyday users do not need Linux skills, access from anywhere 
  • Enterprise-Ready Architecture - tiered architecture that scales to thousands of nodes
  • ZenPacks Framework - packaging system for Zenoss plugins, skins, etc...
  • Open Source - free and open source

At the heart of Zenoss Core is a unified model of the entire IT environment.  The model is the basis for the Zenoss approach.

All devices in the environment can be modeled – networks, servers,  software, and applications – as well as custom devices such as power  supplies and temperature sensors.  The model provides logical and  physical grouping allowing you to map devices to business systems,  locations, and responsible people.  The model is populated by the  auto-discovery process, supplemented by the web services API, XML  import/export, or manual user input.Collections of monitoring templates  are called ZenPacks, and more than 200 are available on github. ZenPacks include  configuration, performance, availability, and event rules. Applying a  ZenPack will automatically extend the object model for a device, and it  will be represented in the user interface immediately.