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The MySQL Diaspora in 2012

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Since 2008, MySQL has spawned many projects, some of them branches, some of them forks. There are many choices now. If you’re a busy DBA, what to do?

Some focus areas include:

  • MySQL trees from Oracle
  • A quick introduction to the storage engine landscape and why storage engines matter
  • What is Drizzle? (A complete fork of MySQL 6.0)
  • A look at Percona Performance Server. Close to MySQL mainline, it contains the popular XtraDB and now also includes patches from MariaDB (group commit).
  • A look at MariaDB, a branch that constantly merges with upstream MySQL but has more changes in the optimiser, kernel and includes many more storage engines.
  • How do you get to using the diaspora? Have distributions bit?
  • What about MySQL Cluster? Where does Percona Cluster fit into this?
  • Replication is a hot topic, and MariaDB has many improvements here. What about wsrep and the solution from Galera?
  • How is the diaspora dealing with NoSQL? Learn about HandlerSocket, dynamic columns, and more
  • Whom do you go to for support?
  • How does the 3rd party application ecosystem support the diaspora? You’re a busy DBA or developer. What solution do you choose? Which has sufficient support? Which has an active community behind it?

This talk will aim to answer that and more. Attendees will understand the whole ecosystem that is MySQL and its forks now and will leave empowered to know if they should use another branch or just stick to current Oracle-offered MySQL.


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