LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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Creative camera control under GNU/Linux.

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Use GNU/Linux to run freely available open source software to control exposure settings, release the shutter and manage captured images via the USB port. Using terminal commands, full control is possible depending on the support offered by your camera's firmware.

I will show how to download, install and use open source software to control a DSLR or point and shoot camera for fun things like time lapse photography and tethered shooting. Bring your USB connected camera and laptop running GNU/Linux to get the most out of this presetation.

The software is text-based, so familiarity with the terminal and bash scripting is a big plus. I have developed a basic GUI using YAD (Yet Another Dialog), so newbs won't be totally lost.

My blog detailing the steps we'll be taking to install software and control your camera. You can follow this guide prior to the live presentation to save some time and maybe some heartache. The guide is not complete as of (4/24), so check the blog daily.



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