LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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Centralized Logging: Distilling Information from Data

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Devices on your network are logging a wealth of potentially useful data, but too often it's distributed and not readily accessible. This talk shows you what's involved in setting up a central loghost to aggregate and effectively utilize that data. It details how to set up syslog-ng and Simple Event Correlator (SEC) to collect and reduce log messages in real-time, turning them into actionable information that can enable quick responses to urgent issues, reveal problems you didn't know you had, and give you a better feel for what's happening on your systems.


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This vs last year

IIRC, you had a similar session last year. I attended it and found it both interesting and useful.

What I am wondering about is whether the material you are presenting this year has a significant overlap with that of the last year's talk?