LinuxFest Northwest 2012

Bellingham, WA April 28th & 29th

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Lean startup overview/The Idea Lab

You have a great idea to change the world. You’ve mastered the latest and greatest open source development stack. Now what? Over seventy percent of all startups fail. And the majority of those do so for one simple reason: they don’t deliver products customers really want. Even successful companies often limit their upside by wasting resources on things that do not further their end goals. Lean Startup is a whole new way to run startups that radically reduces this wasted effort, and therefore significantly improves the probability and magnitude of success.

Free (as in speech) brewing (as in beer)

This year we will brew a batch of Old Technology Barleywine with our Linux-powered brewing automation system.  We will age it for a year and tap it at the LFNW 2013 after party.  It will be in the neighborhood of 12% alcohol by volume.  We’ll be fermenting in glass, rather than that clunky blue thing we used in 2010, so stop by on Sunday as well so you can catch a glimpse of our little yeasty friends going bananas on monosaccharides to deliver us glorious beer.

Panel Forum ‒ ACLU and EFF

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A panel discussion co-hosted by Brian Alseth of the American Civil Liberties Union and Seth David Schoen from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Brian Alseth is the Technology and Freedom Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington. Seth David Schoen is Senior Staff Technologist of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Brian and Seth will give updates on their organizations’ work protecting freedom on-line. They will then join in a panel discussion answering your questions about civil liberties and technology, online freedom issues and current events.

Linux Performance Analysis

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In this session I will give a tour of the more usfull tools Linux users and administrators have available to them for monitoring Linux systems. We will look at SAR, ksar, top, nmon, tcpdump, netstat, iostat among others.  This will lead into a discussion of the most common causes of performance problems, how to identify them and possible fixes. 

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Linux Logical Volume Manager Advanced Topics

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Logical Volume Managers provide administrators and users with the ability to use their storage in a more flexible fashion then are possible when file systems are placed directly into disk partitions. Logical Volume Managers can also be used to provide redundancy for important data.

This presentation will cover the Linux Logical Volume Managers more advanced uses and features. I will show how you can use LVM2 for data migration, data protection, spanning storage devices and considerations when using LVM2 with Linux native multipahting.

About the presentation:

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